To provide high availability for the identity and access management services of the clustered Workspace ONE Access instance, you add the cluster nodes as directory connectors.


  1. In a web browser, log in to the clustered Workspace ONE Access instance by using the administration interface to the System Domain with configadmin user (https://<wsa_cluster_fqdn>/admin).
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Identity and access management.
  3. Click the Identity Providers tab.
  4. Click the WorkspaceIDP__1 identity provider.
  5. On the WorkspaceIDP__1 details page, under Connector(s) from the Add a connector drop-down menu, select vidm-secondary-1_VM, configure the settings, and click Add connector.





    Bind to AD


    Bind user password


  6. Repeat this step for the vidm-secondary-2_VM connector.
  7. In the IdP Hostname text box, enter the FQDN of the NSX-T Data Center load balancer virtual server for Workspace ONE Access cluster.
  8. Click Save.