If you join a federation by clicking the invitation you received, federation details are pre-populated in the SDDC Manager UI.


Retrieve the invitation you received.


  1. Click the URL in the invitation you received.

    The Join Federation window displays the role assigned in the invitation, the FQDN of the invited member, token, and the FQDN of the controller member who invited you to join the federation.

  2. Click Join.


The join process is initiated. If you see an error, resolve the issue and then request a new invitation and follow the steps described above. After the join process is successful, your SDDC Manager instance becomes a member of the federation.

After a controller joins or leaves a federation, Kafka is restarted on all controllers in the federation. It can take several minutes for the federation to stabilize even after the dashboard is refreshed. If an operation performed on the dashboard during this time fails, re-try the operation.