Import the root/leaf or machine certificate and intermediate certificate as appropriate to the first Global Manager node.


Generate root and intermediate CA-signed certificates.


  1. In a web browser, log in to Global Manager at https://gm_vip_fqdn/.
  2. Import the root CA certificate.
    1. On the main navigation bar, System > Certificates.
    2. Click Import > Import CA certificate.
    3. In the Import CA Certificate dialog box, enter a name for the root CA certificate.
    4. For Certificate Contents, select the root CA certificate you created in step 2c and click Import.
  3. Import certificates for the Global Manager nodes and the load balanced virtual server address.
    1. Click Import > Import certificate.
    2. In the Name field, enter gm_vip_fqdn.
    3. In the Certificate Contents, browse to the previously created certificate file with the extension chain.pem and select the file.
    4. In the Private Key, browse to the previously created private key with the extension .key, select the file, and click Import.