This procedure shows you how to replace the components of an assigned host running in degraded mode.


  • Verify that the host is operational and is accessible using the VMware Host Client.
  • Verify that the Management, vSAN, and vMotion networks are available on the host. This can be viewed through the Inventory > Hosts page.
  • Verify that the HDD and SSD disks on the host are in a good state.
  • Verify that there are no alerts reported in vCenter Server for the host's cluster, and, if the cluster is a vSAN cluster, verify there are no vSAN health alerts.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Inventory > Workload Domains.
  2. In the Domain column, click the workload domain name where the host is assigned.
  3. Click the Services tab.
  4. Click the vCenter Server launch link.
  5. Place the host in maintenance mode using one of the following methods, depending on the type of principal storage.
    Principal Storage Steps
    1. Select the vSphere cluster the host is part of, then click Monitor tab.
    2. Under vSAN, click Data Migration Pre-check.
    3. Using the Pre-check data migration of drop-down, select the host.
    4. Using the vSAN data migration drop-down, select Full data migration and click Pre-Check.
    5. If the test returns as a success, click Enter Maintenance Mode.
    6. On the Enter maintenance mode dialog, click OK.
    1. Expand the vSphere cluster the host is part of, right-click the affected host and click Maintenance Mode > Enter Maintenance Mode.
    2. On the Enter maintenance mode dialog, click OK.
  6. Right-click the affected host and select Shutdown.
  7. Pull the host out of the physical rack.
    Note the ports on the switches it was connected to.
  8. Service the appropriate part following the OEM vendor documentation.
  9. Put the host back in the physical rack and connect it back to the appropriate switches.
  10. Power on the host.
  11. In vSphere Client, right-click the host and click Maintenance Mode > Exit Maintenance Mode.