The VMware Cloud Foundation Administration Guide provides information about managing a VMware Cloud Foundation™ system, including managing the system's virtual infrastructure, managing users, configuring, upgrading, and monitoring the system.

Intended Audience

The VMware Cloud Foundation Administration Guide is intended for cloud architects, infrastructure administrators, and cloud administrators who are familiar with and want to use VMware software to quickly deploy and manage a software-defined data center (SDDC). The information in this document is written for experienced data center system administrators who are familiar with:

  • Concepts of virtualization, software-defined data centers, and virtual infrastructure (VI)
  • VMware virtualization technologies, such as VMware ESXi™, the hypervisor
  • Software-defined networking using VMware NSX-T™ Data Center
  • Software-defined storage using VMware vSAN™
  • Networking concepts such as Layer-2, Layer-3, and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

Related Publications

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The Planning and Preparation Workbook provides detailed information about the software, tools, and external services that are required for VMware Cloud Foundation.

The VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Guide provides information about installing ESXi software on VMware Cloud Foundation servers and deploying the management domain using the VMware Cloud Builder appliance.

The VMware Cloud Foundation Lifecycle Management document describes how to manage the life cycle of a VMware Cloud Foundation environment.