This procedure describes how to unstretch a vSAN cluster.


  1. Get the ID of the cluster you are unstretching.
    1. In the navigation pane, click Developer Center > API Explorer.
    2. In the API Explorer, navigate to APIs for managing clusters and click GET /v1/clusters.
    3. Click Execute.
    4. Click Download to download the JSON file.
    5. Open the JSON file and copy the the cluster ID for SDDC-Cluster1.
  2. Prepare the JSON request body.
    1. Click Patch /v1/clusters/id.
    2. Under ClusterUpdateSpec field, click Cluster Update Data ClusterUpdateSpec{ ... }.
    3. Click Download to download the JSON file.
    4. Edit the downloaded JSON file so that it contains only the unstretch information similar to the example below.
      { "clusterUnstretchSpec": {} }
  3. Run the unstretch cluster API.
    1. For the ClusterUpdateSpec field, update the cluster UID (you retrieved this in step 1) and unstretch JSON file with the payload you prepared in step 2.
    2. Click Execute.
      The unstretch cluster task is displayed in the SDDC Manager task panel.
    3. Monitor the unstretch cluster task till it is completed.
      All hosts from stretched cluster are removed from the unstretched cluster and the cluster is converted to a standard vSAN cluster.