At the Storage step of the creation wizard, specify the availability you want provisioned for the VI workload domain. This page appears only if you are using vSAN storage for this workload domain.

Based on your selections, SDDC Manager will determine:

  • The minimum number of hosts that it needs to fulfill those selections
  • The specific hosts in your environment that are available and appropriate to fulfill those selections
  • The virtual infrastructure features and their specific configurations that are needed to fulfill those selections
Note: You can modify the vSAN configuration in vSphere without negatively affecting the VMware Cloud Foundation configuration.


  1. Specify the level of availability you want configured for the cluster.
    The availability level determines the level of redundancy that is set for the assigned resources.
    Failures to tolerate Description
    0 vSAN requires a minimum of three hosts.
    1 vSAN requires a minimum of four hosts.
    2 vSAN requires a minimum of five hosts.
  2. Select the check box to enable vSAN deduplication and compression.
  3. Click Next.