For a VI workload domain, VMware Cloud Foundation supports several storage types as principal and supplemental storage including traditional storage, vSAN, and vSphere Virtual Volumes. This design includes guidance only for principal storage on vSAN.

Table 1. Shared Storage Types Supported for VI Workload Domains

Storage Type

Supported as Principal Storage

Supported as Supplemental Storage

Traditional Storage

Fibre Channel and NFS are applicable options for the principal storage for the VI workload domain.

iSCSI storage is currently not supported.

  • Fibre Channel

  • NFS

  • iSCSI

VMware vSAN Storage



vSphere Virtual Volumes



Figure 1. Shared Storage Design for Workload Domains
VI workload domain clusters can use vSAN, NFS, vSphere Virtual Volumes, or Fibre Channel storage as principle storage.

Each storage type supports different vSphere features. See the vSphere Storage documentation.

For information on storage types other than vSAN in VMware Cloud Foundation, see Storage Management in the VMware Cloud Foundation Operations and Administration Guide .