In VMware Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager provides life cycle management capabilities for vRealize Suite components and Workspace ONE Access, including automated deployment, configuration, patching, and upgrade, and content management across vRealize Suite products.

You deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager by using SDDC Manager. SDDC Manager deploys vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager in VMware Cloud Foundation mode. In this mode, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is integrated with SDDC Manager, providing the following benefits:

  • Integration with the SDDC Manager inventory to retrieve infrastructure details when creating environments for Workspace ONE Access and vRealize Suite components, such as NSX segments and vCenter Server details.

  • Automation of the load balancer configuration when deploying Workspace ONE Access, vRealize Operations Manager, and vRealize Automation.

  • Deployment details for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager environments are populated in the SDDC Manager inventory and can be queried using the SDDC Manager API.

  • Day-two workflows in SDDC Manager to connect vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Manager to workload domains.

  • The ability to manage password life cycle for Workspace ONE Access and vRealize Suite components.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager operates with the following elements and components.

Table 1. Elements and Components in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager




  • Passwords

  • Certificates

  • Licenses

Product support

  • Product binaries for install and upgrade (.ova, .pak, .iso)

  • Patch binaries

  • Product supports packs (.pspak)

Data center

  • Geographic location (optional)

  • vCenter Server instances


  • Product deployments

  • Product import

  • Product operations, such as, scaling out, adding a license, and so on

  • Product health

My VMware

  • Product entitlement

  • Product downloads

  • Product licensing

VMware Marketplace

  • My VMware account

  • Marketplace content download and compatibility

  • vRealize Log Insight content packs

  • vRealize Operations Manager management packs

  • vRealize Automation cloud templates

  • vRealize Orchestrator workflow packages