You must upgrade the management domain before upgrading VI workload domains in your environment. In order to upgrade to VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4/4.4.1, the management domain must be at VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1 or higher. If your environment is at a version lower than 4.1, you must upgrade the management domain to 4.1 and then upgrade to 4.4/4.4.1.

Components in the management domain must be upgraded in the following order:
  1. SDDC Manager and VMware Cloud Foundation services. See Upgrade VMware Cloud Foundation Software.
  2. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, vRealize Suite products, and Workspace ONE Access. SeeUpgrade vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and vRealize Suite Products.
  3. NSX-T Data Center. See Upgrade NSX-T Data Center.
  4. vCenter Server. See Upgrade vCenter Server.
  5. vSAN Witness Host (if you have a vSAN stretched cluster). See Upgrade vSAN Witness Host.
  6. ESXi. See Upgrade ESXi.