In order to use the Workflow Optimization script to trigger VxRail APIs from the SDDC Manager VM, you must change the static IP address of the VxRail Manager to an IP address that is in the management network subnet.


  • Ensure that a free IP address is available in the management network subnet
  • Configure forward and reverse DNS settings for VxRail Manager
  • The VxRail Manager static IP,, must be reachable and the UI available


  1. Enter the following address in a web browser on your host
  2. Update the sample request body.
    Option Description
    ip Enter the new IP address for the VxRail Manager.
    gateway Enter the network gateway address for VxRail Manager.
    netmask Enter the subnet mask for VxRail Manager.
    vlan_id Enter the management network VLAN ID
  3. Click Send Request.
  4. Verify that the new IP address is reachable.

What to do next

Update the VxRail Manager certificate. See Update the VxRail Manager Certificate.