To look up the account credentials for the built-in accounts that are managed and rotated by SDDC Manager, you can log in to the SDDC Manager appliance using any SDDC Manager account credentials.


Only a user with the ADMIN role can perform this task.


  1. SSH in to the SDDC Manager appliance using the vcf user account.
  2. (Optional) Change to the /usr/bin directory.
    Note: Although the password management CLI commands are located in /usr/bin, you can run them from any directory.
  3. Obtain the account credentials list by typing the command:
    You must enter the user name and password for a user with the ADMIN role.
    Note: Accounts with type USER and SYSTEM will be displayed.
  4. (Optional) Save the command output to a secure location with encryption so that you can access it later and use it to log in to the accounts as needed.