If you had exported a vSphere Lifecycle Manager image from an external vCenter Server to your local computer, you can import it to VMware Cloud Foundation.

The following files are imported to VMware Cloud Foundation.
Format Content
JSON Image specification
JSON Cluster specification
ISO ESXi image (optional)

In addition to the ESXi base image, the ISO file includes vendor-adds, components, and firmware associated with the vSphere Lifecycle Manager image. You can use this ISO file for imaging additional hosts that you bring into VMware Cloud Foundation.

ZIP Image components


Verify the exported files for a vSphere Lifecycle Manager image are available to be imported. See Export a vSphere Lifecycle Manager Image.


  1. In SDDC Manager, click Lifecycle Management > Image Management.
  2. Under Option 2 Import a Cluster Image section, select the JSON, ZIP, and ISO files from your local computer. The ISO file is optional.
    A vSphere Lifecycle Manager image is referred to as a cluster image on the SDDC Manager UI.

    Ensure that you upload the image specification JSON and cluster specification JSON files in the correct fields. Mixing these files up will result in a validation error.

  3. Enter a name for the vSphere Lifecycle Manager image and click Upload Image Components.


The imported vSphere Lifecycle Manager image is displayed in the Available Images tab and can be used for a new VI workload domain or a new vSphere cluster in a VI workload domain that is enabled for vSphere Lifecycle Manager images.