The VMware Cloud Foundation system provides built-in capabilities to help you perform effective operations monitoring, troubleshooting, performance management, infrastructure capacity planning, and compliance monitoring and auditing.

You use the built-in monitoring capabilities for these typical scenarios.

Scenario Examples
Are the systems online? A host or other component shows a failed or unhealthy status.
Why did a storage drive fail? Hardware-centric views spanning inventory, configuration, usage, and event history to provide for diagnosis and resolution.
Is the infrastructure meeting tenant service level agreements (SLAs)? Analysis of system and device-level metrics to identify causes and resolutions.
At what future time will the systems get overloaded? Trend analysis of detailed system and device-level metrics, with summarized periodic reporting.
What person performed which action and when? History of secured user actions, with periodic reporting.

Workflow task history of actions performed in the system.

The monitoring capabilities involve these features: