You can use the native file-based backup capabilities of SDDC Manager, vCenter Server, and NSX Manager. The NSX Manager backup is configured by SDDC Manager during the bring-up process. You configure the file-based backup jobs for SDDC Manager and vCenter Server.

To ensure that all management components are backed up correctly, you must create a series of backup jobs that capture the state of a set of related components at a common point in time. With some components, simultaneous backups of the component nodes ensure that you can restore the component a state where the nodes are logically consistent with each other and eliminate the necessity for further logical integrity remediation of the component.

Table 1. File-Based Backup Jobs


Recommended Frequency

Recommended Retention


SDDC Manager


7 days

You must configure the backup jobs for the SDDC Manager instance and all vCenter Server instances in the vCenter Single Sign-On domain to start within the same 5-minute window.

vCenter Server


7 days

vSphere Distributed Switch


Retain last 3 configurations.


NSX Manager


7 days

Configured by SDDC Manager during the bring-up process.

  • You must monitor the space utilization on the SFTP server to ensure that you have sufficient storage space to accommodate all backups taken within the retention period.
  • Do not make any changes to the /opt/vmware/vcf directory on the SDDC Manager VM. If this directory contains any large files, backups may fail.


Verify that you have an SFTP server on the network to serve as a target of the file-based backups.