Once you have uploaded the required ESXi and VIB packages to the VMware Imaging Appliance service, you can begin imaging servers. You can image an individual server, or multiple servers at the same time.

You can use the VMware Imaging Appliance service to image servers for use in the management domain and VI workload domains. The management domain requires a minimum of four servers. See the Planning and Preparation Workbook for more information about requirements.
Note: When you image servers, the VMware Imaging Appliance service uses the ESXi ISO that you activated and the VIB(s) that you marked as In use.


  1. In a web browser on the Windows machine that is connected to the VMware Cloud Builder appliance, navigate to https://Cloud_Builder_VM_IP:8445/via.
  2. Enter the admin credentials you provided when you deployed the VMware Cloud Builder appliance and click Log in.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Imaging.
  4. Enter a name and description for the imaging job.
  5. Enter the requirements for the imaging job



    NTP Server

    Enter the FQDN/IP address for the NTP server


    Enter the number of servers you want to image as part of the job using the selected ISO and VIBs.


    Enter the IP address that will be allocated to the server.


    Enter the MAC address of the server. This is used by the imaging service to identify the physical host.

    Host FQDN

    Enter the FQDN to allocate to the server.

  6. Click Start Imaging.
  7. When prompted, power cycle the server(s) to continue imaging.

    The VMware Imaging Appliance service displays information about the progress of imaging. Click a server to view details. Once imaging is complete, the VMware Imaging Appliance service performs verification of the servers.

  8. When verification is finished, click Complete.

What to do next