VMware Cloud Foundation™ with VMware Tanzu™ enables you to deploy and operate the compute, networking, and storage infrastructure for vSphere with Tanzu workloads. vSphere with Tanzu transforms vSphere to a platform for running Kubernetes workloads natively on the hypervisor layer.

When enabled on a vSphere cluster, vSphere with Tanzu provides the capability to run Kubernetes workloads directly on ESXi hosts and to create upstream Kubernetes clusters within dedicated resource pools. vSphere with Tanzu can also be enabled on the management domain default cluster.

You validate the underlying infrastructure for vSphere with Tanzu from the SDDC Manager UI and then complete the deployment in the vSphere Client. The SDDC Manager UI refers to the vSphere with Tanzu functionality as Kubernetes - Workload Management.

For more information on vSphere with Tanzu, see What Is vSphere with Tanzu?.

Refer to the VMware Validated Solution, Developer Ready Infrastructure for VMware Cloud Foundation, for more information.