The VMware Cloud Foundation Operations Guide provides best practices and step-by-step instructions about operating VMware Cloud Foundation™ including full-stack shutdown and startup and verifying whether the state of VMware Cloud Foundation is intact after a maintenance operation.

This guide covers all software products and workload domain types that are supported by VMware Cloud Foundation including VMware vSphere® with VMware Tanzu® and VMware vRealize® Suite.

To maintain component integration and avoid operation faults, you follow the specified order and steps to shut down and then start up the management components in VMware Cloud Foundation. See Shutdown and Startup of VMware Cloud Foundation.

As a best practice, you verify the configuration and main functions of the VMware Cloud Foundation management components after deployment, upgrade, restore, or disaster recovery. See Operational Verification of VMware Cloud Foundation.

To meet the requirements of your organization for security and compliance for your VMware Cloud Foundation environment including industry compliance standards, you configure manually the password policies of the individual management components in the environment. See Password Policy Configuration for VMware Cloud Foundation.

Intended Audience

The information in VMware Cloud Foundation Operations Guide is intended for data center cloud administrators and operators who are familiar with:

  • Concepts of virtualization and software-defined data centers (SDDCs)

  • Networking and concepts such as uplinks, NICs, and IP networks

  • Hardware components such as top-of-rack (ToR) switches, inter-rack switches, servers with direct attached storage, cables, and power supplies

  • Methods for setting up physical racks in a data center

  • Using VMware vSphere® to work with virtual machines.

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You can open these documents from the VMware Cloud Foundation Documentation main page.

Your VMware Cloud Foundation system includes a stack of VMware software products and components. You can find the documentation for those software products at VMware Docs.

VMware Cloud Foundation Glossary

The VMware Cloud Foundation Glossary defines terms specific to VMware Cloud Foundation.

Update History

This VMware Cloud Foundation Operations Guide is updated when necessary.

Revision Description
31 JAN 2023 To configure password policies for the management components of VMware Cloud Foundation according to industry compliance standards or unique requirements of your organization, including password expiration, password complexity, and account lockout, you can now follow the step-by-step instructions in Password Policy Configuration for VMware Cloud Foundation.
10 JAN 2023 You can now shut down and start up the management domain and virtual infrastructure (VI) workload domains by using PowerShell. See Shutting Down and Starting Up VMware Cloud Foundation by Using PowerShell.
11 OCT 2022 Initial version.