Before you can upgrade VMware Cloud Foundation, you must download the upgrade bundles for each VMware Cloud Foundation component that requires an upgrade.

Online and Offline Downloads

If the SDDC Manager appliance can connect to the internet, you can download upgrade bundles from the VMware Depot and the Dell Depot.

If the SDDC Manager appliance cannot connect to the internet, you can use the Bundle Transfer Utility to download the bundles to a computer that has internet access and then copy the bundles to the SDDC Manager appliance.

Other Bundle Types

In addition to upgrade bundles, VMware Cloud Foundation includes the following bundle types:
  • Install Bundles

    An install bundle includes software binaries to install VI workload domains (vCenter Server and NSX) and vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. You download install bundles using the same process that you use for upgrade bundles.

  • Configuration Drift Bundles

    A configuration drift bundle applies configuration changes across the managed components and detects, remediates, and prevents configuration drift. These policies can help ensure that virtual machines stay in compliance with the intended state, reducing the risk of performance, stability, and security issues.

  • Async Patch Bundles

    An async patch bundle allows you to apply critical patches to certain VMware Cloud Foundation components (NSX Manager, and vCenter Server) when an update or upgrade bundle is not available. To download an async patch bundle, you must use the Async Patch Tool. See Async Patch Tool.