To prepare for NSX Federation, you create an IP pool in the Local Manager. The Global Manager assigns IP addresses from this pool to the Edge nodes for remote tunnel end point (RTEP) interfaces. You also set the global fabric MTU to match the end-to-end MTU between instances.


  1. In a web browser, log in to Local Manager cluster for the management domain or VI workload domain at https://lm_vip_fqdn/).
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Networking.
  3. Create an IP pool for RTEP in Local Manager
    1. In the navigation pane, select IP Address Pools and click Add IP address pool.
    2. Enter a name.
    3. Under Subnets, click Set.
    4. In the Set Subnets dialog box, click Add subnet > IP Ranges.
    5. Configure the settings and click Add.
    6. Click Add and then click Apply.
    7. Click Save.
  4. Configure MTU for RTEP.
    1. On the main navigation bar, click System.
    2. Select Fabric > Settings.
    3. Under Global Fabric Settings, Click Edit for Remote Tunnel Endpoint.
    4. Enter 9000 in MTU and click Save.