The deployment parameter workbook contains worksheets categorizing the information required for deploying VMware Cloud Foundation. The information provided is used to create the management domain using the VMware Cloud Builder appliance.

Before you begin filling in the deployment parameter workbook, download the workbook from VMware Customer Connect.

The fields in yellow contain sample values that you should replace with the information for your environment. If a cell turns red, the required information is missing, or validation input has failed.
Important: The deployment parameter workbook is not able to fully validate all inputs due to formula limitations of Microsoft Excel. Some validation issues may not be reported until you upload the deployment parameter workbook to the VMware Cloud Builder appliance.
Note: Do not copy and paste content between cells in the deployment parameter workbook, since this may cause issues.

The Introduction worksheet in the deployment parameter workbook contains an overview of the workbook and guidance on how to complete it. For information about the prerequisites for deploying the management domain, see the Planning and Preparation Workbook.