You can interactively install ESXi on all the hosts that will form the first cluster in the management domain, then you configure the management network, DNS, and NTP services. You can use the same process to add more hosts to the management domain later, or to install and configure hosts for VI workload domains.


  • Download the ESXi ISO from VMware Customer Connect. For the supported ESXi versions, see the Bill of Materials (BOM) section of the VMware Cloud Foundation Release Notes and the list of supported async patches in KB 88287. If the required version of ESXi does not have an ISO available on VMware Customer Connect, you can create one. See Create a Custom ISO Image for ESXi.
    Note: If you are preparing hosts for a VI workload domain where the ESXi hosts have been async patched to a later version of ESXi than the version listed in the BOM, the new hosts must use the later version of ESXi.
  • Make sure that you have a host machine for SDDC access. You use this host to connect to the data center and perform configuration steps.
  • Verify that you have the completed Planning and Preparation Workbook.
  • Verify the Prerequisite Checklist sheet in the Planning and Preparation Workbook.