VMware Aria Operations dashboards provide a quick visual overview of your environment. Each dashboard provides a summary view or insights into a particular part of the infrastructure.

By using VMware Aria Operations dashboards, you can spot real-time anomalies and issues in the components of your environment. Dashboards also provide predictive information and early warnings of potential problems caused by resource or capacity overflow.

In VMware Aria Operations, you can use predefined dashboards or create customized ones according to the needs of your environment. For more information on dashboards, see the Dashboards documentation for VMware Aria Operations.

Configure Dashboards for Cloud-Based Intelligent Operations for VMware Cloud Foundation

To provide insights into the performance and the operational state of the components of your environment, you bookmark a set of dashboards as favorite in VMware Aria Operations for quicker access.

The necessary dashboards for Cloud-Based Intelligent Operations for VMware Cloud Foundation are:

  • vSAN Capacity

  • vSphere and VCF Performance

  • vSphere Compute Inventory

  • VCF Capacity

  • VCF Management VMs Performance


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services console at https://console.cloud.vmware.com/ as an organization member.
  2. On the Services page, locate the VMware Aria Operations tile, and click Launch service.
  3. On the main navigation bar, click Visualize > Dashboards.

  4. In the Dashboards pane, to view all predefined dashboards, expand the All section.

  5. Bookmark the following dashboards by clicking the Favorite button in the top right corner of the pane for each dashboard.


    All > Capacity > vSAN OSA Capacity

    All > Cloud management assessment > vSphere and VMware Cloud Foundation > vSphere and VCF performance

    All > VMware Cloud Foundation > VCF capacity

    All > VMware Cloud Foundation > VCF management VMs performance


When you view dashboards, clicking the Name of the object redirects you to the object view page. To view the dashboard information on the object, click elsewhere in the object row.