You registered the DRaaS Connector appliances with vCenter Server using a dedicated service account with restrictive access. When you update the password of the service account, you must refresh the user credentials in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services console at with a user assigned the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Protection Admin role.
  2. On the Services page, locate the VMware Cloud DR tile, and click Launch service.
  3. On the Regions page, for the region where the service is enabled, click Manage region.
  4. On the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery page, in the left navigation pane, click Protected sites to expand the list of protected sites.

  5. Select the name of your protected site according to your VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook.

  6. On the Protected sites page, under vCenters, click the small menu and click Refresh credentials.

  7. In the Refresh credentials dialog box, enter the user name and password, and click Refresh.