Personas describe types of system users, aligned with real people and their functions within the organization. You build a persona set based on your organization requirements for role-based access control.

The following is an example of personas defined by the Developer Ready Infrastructure for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution and their equivalent access. To delegate roles and define access based on roles and responsibilities within your organizational structure, you use these personas as a baseline for defining and building a set of personas.

Table 1. Example Personas for Developer Ready Infrastructure
Persona Responsibility Solution Component Component Role or Group
vSphere Administrator Full administrative access to vSphere with Tanzu infrastructure - configuring and activating Supervisor Clusters and vSphere namespaces vCenter Server Administrator
DevOps Engineer Deploying vSphere Pods, VMs, and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters on existing vSphere namespaces within a Supervisor Cluster vSphere namespace Can edit
Auditor Read-only access for security and compliance review vSphere namespace Can view