Personas describe types of system users, aligned with real people and their functions within the organization. You build a persona set based on your organization's requirements for role-based access control.

The following is an example of personas defined by the Identity and Access Management for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution and their equivalent access. You use this as a baseline for defining and building a set of personas to delegate roles and define access based on roles and responsibilities within your organization's structure.

Table 1. Example Personas for Identity and Access Management
Persona Responsibility Solution Component Component Role or Group
Cloud Admin vSphere infrastructure and solution environments vCenter Single Sign-On Administrator
vCenter Server Administrator
NSX-T Data Center Enterprise Admin
SDDC Manager Administrator
Workspace ONE Access Super Admin
VI Admin vSphere infrastructure level environments vCenter Server Administrator
NSX-T Data Center Network Engineer
SDDC Manager Operator
Network Admin Network level environments NSX-T Data Center Enterprise Admin
Security Admin User access and security Workspace ONE Access Directory Admin
Compliance Officer ReadOnly access for auditing and compliance review vCenter Server Read Only
NSX-T Data Center Auditor
SDDC Manager Viewer
Workspace ONE Access Read Only Admin