Deploy vRealize Log Insight in a cluster configuration of three nodes. This configuration is set up with an integrated load balancer and uses one primary and two worker nodes.


Verify that your environment fulfills the prerequisites for the deployment of vRealize Log Insight.




  • Verify that your environment is configured according to Before You Apply This Guidance and the Intelligent Logging and Analytics tab of the VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook.

  • Verify that the vCenter Server instances are operational.

  • Verify that the vSphere cluster has vSphere DRS and vSphere HA activated.

  • Verify that the NSX Manager cluster is operational.

  • Verify that the local-instance NSX segment is available.

  • Verify that vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager for the VMware Cloud Foundation instance is operational.


Verify that the vRealize Log Insight product binary is available in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


  • Virtual disk provisioning: Thin

  • Required initial storage per node: 510 GB

  • Required initial cluster storage for archiving: 400 GB

  • Verify the following NFS datastore requirements:

    • Create an NFS share of 400 GB and export it as nfs_server:/vrli-archive-400GB

    • Verify that the NFS server supports NFS v3.

    • Verify that the NFS partition allows read and write operations for guest accounts. 

    • Verify that the mount does not require authentication.

    • Verify that the NFS share is directly accessible to vRealize Log Insight.

    • If using a Windows NFS server, allow unmapped user UNIX access (by UID/GID).


Verify that you have obtained a vRealize Suite or vRealize Log Insight license with a quantity that fulfills the requirements of this design.

Workspace ONE Access

Verify that the required Active Directory security groups and users are synchronized to the standalone Workspace ONE Access instance. See the Identity and Access Management for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution.

Active Directory

Verify that you have the Active Directory domain controller configured with the role-specific SDDC users and groups for the domain.

Certificate Authority

Email account

Provide an email account to send vRealize Log Insight notifications.