These design decisions are recommendations for the optimum functioning of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Table 1. Design Decisions for Physical Design of ESXi Hosts to support the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Decision ID

Design Description

Design Justification

Design Implication


Provide high performance disks (SSD/ Flash) to hosts that run the Controller VMs.

The Controllers need high performance disks to process the analytics pipeline.



Enable AES-NI instructions setting in the BIOS for ESXi hosts.

AES-NI instruction set provides efficiency in SSL performance.

Most modern machines have AES-NI enabled by default, if not enabled by default, you need to reboot ESXi hosts to enable this setting.


Disable C-State and P-State settings in BiOS on the ESXi hosts.


This is an optional design decision.

Provides maximum performance.

This might require a reboot and reconfigure of the BIOS causing an outage for each ESXi host.