A dedicated edge VI workload domain is a workload domain created solely for the use of edge services. This is an optional deployment decision that customer could take to host networking services such as load balancing centrally when multiple VI workload domains share an NSX instance.

If the dedicated edge VI workload domain is large enough to support the capacity needs for hosting all the required Service Engines across all the VI workload domains managed by its NSX-T Data Center instance, then the Service Engines could be centrally deployed in this edge VI workload domain. 


Workload Domain 3 is the dedicated edge VI workload domain.

Table 1. Design Decisions for deploying Service Engines on a Dedicated Edge VI Workload Domain for NSX Advanced Load Balancer Platform

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Choose to deploy the Service Engines on a dedicated edge VI workload domain.

Allows for centralized placement of the Service Engines.

Capacity growth might be a challenge.

Might not work in all cases due to scale restrictions of the edge VI workload domain.


Create separate Service Engine Groups to host Virtual Services from different VI workload domains.

Allows for application isolation.

Might require additional Service Engine resources.