The Advanced Load Balancing for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution has objectives to deliver prescriptive content about the solution so that its fast to deploy and is suitable for use in production environments.



Main Objective

Provide centralized enterprise grade load balancing services for VMware Cloud Foundation through the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Scope of guidance

  • Implementation

  • Configuration

  • Operational guidance

  • Solution interoperability

  • Deployment and initial configuration of NSX Advanced Load Balancer for workload domains

  • Operations for the NSX Advanced Load Balancer components such as monitoring and alerting, backup and restore, post-maintenance validation, and upgrade.

Scope of implementation

  • Configuration of load balancing with Advanced Load Balancing for VMware Cloud Foundation.

  • Ecosystem integration configuration for automated load balancing with:

    • NSX Manager

    • vCenter Server

  • Guidance for automated Load Balancing consumption on NSX Managed

    • Overlay -backed segments and/ or

    • VLAN-backed segments


Scope of this guidance will not replace LB for the vRealize suite in the management workload domain.

Supported VMware Cloud Foundation architecture models

  • Standard

  • Consolidated

Supported workload domain

  • Consolidated management and workload domain

  • Virtual Infrastructure workload domain

Load-balanced application scale

Load-balanced application scale

Load Balancer scale

NSX Advanced Load Balancer Service Engines up to 400 per NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller

Cloud type

Private cloud



Certificate signing

Certificates are signed by a certificate authority (CA) that consists of a root and intermediate certificate authority layers.