After you implement the Advanced Load Balancing for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution, by using VMware or third-party components, enable planned migration and disaster recover for the newly added components in your VMware Cloud Foundation environment.

For validated site protection and recovery solutions, refer to VMware Cloud Foundation Validated Solutions main page.

When failure of a host or availability zone occurs, recovery for the Controller VMs will be enabled by vSphere HA. The Service Engine recovery will be automatically handled by the Controllers.

When a data-center wider disaster event occurs, recovery could be enabled by restoring the latest backed up NSX Advanced Load Balancer configuration to a Controller cluster that is setup in the backup data center. The Service Engine recovery will be automatically handled once the Controllers are functional.

Load-balanced applications that span across VMware Cloud Foundations are recommended to use Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) for disaster recovery. NSX Advanced Load Balancer will be configured in each VMware Cloud Foundation and can participate in the GSLB federation. For more details, refere to the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer GSLB product documentation.