You replace the SSL certificate on VMware Aria Automation with the newly generated multi-SAN certificate by using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

Replace the VMware Aria Automation certificate in the following cases:
  • Before certificate expiration.

  • When a certificate is compromised.

  • When you must change a certificate attribute, such as the organization name, certificate authority, or the supported use of VMware Aria Automation multi-tenancy.



  1. Log in to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle at https://<aria_suite_lifecycle_fqdn> as vcfadmin@local.
  2. On the My services page, click Lifecycle operations.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Environments.
  4. On the Environments page, in the cross-instance environment card, click View details.
  5. In the products navigation bar, click the Automation tab.
  6. Click the horizontal ellipsis and select Replace certificate.
  7. On the Current certificate page, click Next.
  8. On the Select certificate page, from the Select certificate drop-down menu, select the new certificate, and click Next.
  9. On the Precheck page, click Run precheck.
  10. Expand Validations for, review and accept all consent requirements.
  11. On the Precheck page, click Finish.

    The certificate replacement for VMware Aria Automation initializes.

  12. Monitor the request progress until the certificate changes and the VMware Aria Automation services reinitialize successfully.

What to do next

If VMware Aria Automation is integrated with VMware Aria Operations for solution interoperability, validate the connection from VMware Aria Operations to VMware Aria Automation and accept the certificate change. See Verify the Integration of VMware Aria Operations with VMware Aria Automation for Private Cloud Automation for VMware Cloud Foundation.