To configure dashboards, queries, and alerts log for vRealize Orchestrator, you manually install the vRealize Orchestrator Content Pack for vRealize Log Insight.

If your environment is running VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.1 or later, you do not perform this procedure, as SDDC Manager automatically installs the content pack.

UI Procedure

  1. Log in to vRealize Log Insight at https://<vrealize_log_insight_fqdn> with a user assigned the Super admin role.
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Content Packs.
  3. In the left navigation pane, under Content pack marketplace, click Marketplace.

  4. In the Filter text box on the top right, enter VMware - vRO 8.3+ and press Enter.
  5. On the Log Insight Content Pack Marketplace page, click the VMware - vRO 8.3+ content pack.

    The Install Content Pack dialog box appears.

  6. Accept the license agreement and click Install.
  7. Click OK.

PowerShell Procedure

  1. Start Windows PowerShell.

  2. Replace the values in the sample code with values from your VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook and run the commands in the PowerShell console.

    $sddcManagerFqdn = ""
      $sddcManagerUser = "administrator@vsphere.local"
      $sddcManagerPass = "VMw@re1!"
      $githubToken = <your_base64_encoded_github_token>
  3. Perform the configuration by running the command in the PowerShell console.

    Enable-vRLIContentPack -server $sddcManagerFqdn -user $sddcManagerUser -pass $sddcManagerPass -token $githubToken -contentPack VRO
    Note: The GitHub token does not require any defined scope - it must only be read-only for public repositories.