In vSphere, create new vCenter Single Sign-On local users that belong to the vsphere.local domain for Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication.

UI Procedure

  1. Log in to the management domain vCenter Server at https://<management_vcenter_server_fqdn>/ui as administrator@vsphere.local.
  2. Select Menu > Administration.

  3. In the left pane, select Single Sign On > Users and groups.

  4. On the Users tab, from the Domain drop-down menu, select vsphere.local.

  5. Click Add, configure the Site Recovery Manager user according to your values in the VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook, and click Add.

  6. Repeat the steps for the vSphere Replication user.

PowerShell Procedure

  1. Start Windows PowerShell.

  2. Replace the values in the sample code with values from your VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook and run the commands in the PowerShell console.

    $sddcManagerFqdn = ""
    $sddcManagerUser = "administrator@vsphere.local"
    $sddcManagerPass = "VMw@re1!"
    $srmSsoUsername = "vrops-srm"
    $srmSsoPassword = "VMw@re1!VMw@re1!"
    $vrSsoUsername = "vrops-vr"
    $vrSsoPassword = "VMw@re1!VMw@re1!"
  3. Perform the configuration by running the command in the PowerShell console.

    Add-SsoUser -server $sddcManagerFqdn -user $sddcManagerUser -pass $sddcManagerPass -ssoUser $srmSsoUsername -ssoPass $srmSsoPassword
    Add-SsoUser -server $sddcManagerFqdn -user $sddcManagerUser -pass $sddcManagerPass -ssoUser $vrSsoUsername -ssoPass $vrSsoPassword