The Site Protection and Disaster Recovery for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution has objectives to deliver prescriptive content about the solution so that its fast to deploy and is suitable for use in production environments.

Objective Description
Main objective Provide disaster recovery capabilities for VMware Cloud Foundation components in a multi-instance environment.
VMware Cloud Foundation architecture support
  • vSAN ReadyNodes
    • Standard
      • Multiple VMware Cloud Foundation instances with NSX Federation
  • Dell VxRail Nodes
    • Standard
      • Multiple VMware Cloud Foundation instances with NSX Federation
Workload domain type support
  • Management Workload Domain
  • VI Workload Domain

Scope of guidance

  • Deployment and initial configuration of site protection and disaster recovery components for the management domain.
  • Operational guidance for the site protection and disaster recovery components such as failover and failback of management applications, operational verification, and certificate management.
  • Solution interoperability with solution components, such as monitoring and alerting, logging, data protection, and life cycle management.
Scope of implementation

Deployment and configuration of solution components:

  • vSphere Replication
  • Site Recovery Manager

Configuration for failover and failback for VMware Cloud Foundation components:

  • VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle
  • VMware Aria Operations
  • VMware Aria Automation
  • Clustered Workspace ONE Access

Cloud type On-premises private cloud.
Number of VMware Cloud Foundation instances 2
Authentication, authorization, and access control
  • Use of Microsoft Active Directory as the identity provider.
  • Use of security groups and roles for least-privilege access control.
  • Use of service accounts and least-privilege access control for solution integration.
Certificate signing Certificates are signed by an external certificate authority (CA) that consists of a root and intermediate authority layers.