VMware Cloud PKS™ is a Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering available through the VMware Cloud™ services platform. You can use VMware Cloud PKS to create fully managed Kubernetes clusters on public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). VMware Cloud PKS provides a policy-based, fully compliant Kubernetes runtime environment for your cloud-native applications.

VMware Cloud PKS delivers these capabilities.

  • VMware Smart Cluster™ technology. Smart Clusters are elastic Kubernetes clusters that you can deploy on demand. Smart Clusters can:

    • Dynamically expand and contract compute resources to optimize for application capacity requests.

    • Automatically configure high availability and network isolation with industry best practices incorporated.

  • High availability. VMware Cloud PKS monitors and manages your Kubernetes clusters, ensuring continuous uptime through built-in high availability with multi-master deployments.

  • Security. VMware Cloud PKS isolates your organizations and cluster networks to create logical security boundaries. It also manages identity and access using single sign-on across the VMware Cloud PKS platform and your Smart Clusters.

  • Health monitoring. VMware Cloud PKS regularly performs health checks and remediates issues to promote continuous service.

  • Multi-tenancy. VMware Cloud PKS lets you define tenancy for your organization by creating a hierarchy of folders, projects, Smart Clusters, and namespaces designated for use by specific teams.

  • Policy Framework. VMware Cloud PKS enables you to set up role-based access policies for your organizations so that your users see only clusters that they are entitled to.

VMware Cloud PKS is available as a Beta service currently and we welcome your feedback through our Slack channel. Expect an invitation to the Slack channel the first time you log into VMware Cloud PKS.

To find videos, demos, FAQs, and other information on VMware Cloud PKS, visit the VMware Cloud PKS product page.