Give your apps access to external resources by setting up your Smart Cluster to connect with an external virtual private cloud (VPC).

Network Addresses

To remove the potential for network address conflicts, the external VPC must use a CIDR that is different from the CIDR of the Smart Cluster. By default, your Smart Cluster is provisioned with CIDRs to enable network communication among resources within the cluster, for example:

  • Cluster Network CIDR:

  • Pod Network CIDR:

  • Service Network CIDR:

If the CIDR for the external VPC is the same as one used in the Smart Cluster, it will create conflicts, and therefore cannot be connected to your Smart Cluster.

To avoid a CIDR conflict, you can specify alternative CIDRs when you create your Smart Cluster.

Access to Resources in the External VPC from Your Smart Cluster

Set up a network connection to allow your Smart Cluster to access resources in an external VPC. For more information, see Create a Network Connection Request.

A network connection to a peer VPC does not, by default, allow inbound access to resources in your Smart Cluster.

Access to Resources in Your Smart Cluster from the External VPC

If you want the external VPC to have access to the resources in your Smart Cluster, you must also set up an internal load balancer in addition to creating the network connection. For more information, see Create an Internal Load Balancer for Your Smart Cluster.