All users in your customer organization have role-based access to the resources of the organization. Refer to this page for information about the permissions granted to every role available to customer users in VMware Cloud Partner Navigator.

Roles are collections of permissions that bind to the organization's resources. Permissions are actions on a certain organization. The association between a role, a user, and organization is defined as a binding.

When granting users access to the service or cloud endpoint resources of your organization, you select one of the roles supported in each product. For information about these roles, refer to the documentation of the relevant product.

You manage users and roles in the Identity & Access Management menu.

The following table lists the permissions attached to each user role in customer organizations:

Table 1. Customer roles and permissions
Permission Customer Administrator Customer User Customer Billing User
Manage customer users and their roles
Manage enterprise groups
Grant a customer user access to a service
Access provisioned services and cloud resources with an assigned level of access
Access provisioned services and cloud resources with the level of access assigned to your customer organization
View the usage of provisioned services
Create and manage OAuth apps