You can view a currency-based summary of spending and customer contributions on services on managed service provider (MSP) contracts.


You have the required permissions for viewing the usage of your provider organization. See Roles and permissions.


  1. On the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator toolbar, click Usage & Commerce > Trends.
    The page displays the MSP Summary cards which give you a quick overview of your spending in the last month broken down by currency.
  2. From the Show Spend for drop-down menu, select a different time period.
    The cards update based on your selection.
  3. To view detailed information about the spending and customer contributions in any given currency, click View Details in the MSP Summary card of the respective currency.
  4. (Optional) To change the displayed period of spending, select a different period from the Show Spend for drop-down menu.
    The page updates based on your selection.
  5. To view the overall spending in a given month, point to that month in the Overall Trending for MSP chart.
  6. To view the spending on individual services, select Show Individual Service Contributions.
    The chart is updated with individual line graphs for every service.
  7. To hide a displayed service, deselect that service on the right of the chart.
  8. To view the top five customer contributions for an individual service, deselect all other services.
  9. To view the customer contributions for the selected service in a given month, point to the bars of the Monthly Top 5 MSP Customer Contributions chart.


You view detailed information about the spending and customer contributions of the MSP services for the selected currency.

What to do next

To get back to the Trends page, click < Back to Summary.