VMware Cloud Partner Navigator uses provider and customer organizations to distribute access to cloud resources and services. As a provider user, you can switch to customer organizations, edit the details of organizations, and customize the branding of your provider organization and the customer organizations managed by you. You can also create additional provider organizations alongside your main provider organization for testing or administrative purposes.

As a cloud provider user, you are part of a provider organization which can manage any number of customer organizations. Depending on your user role in the provider organization, you can access some or all the resources of your organization and the customer organizations managed by you. Customer users have access only to the resources provided to their customer organization.

How do I create customer organizations?

For information about creating customer organizations, see How do I create a customer organization.

What is my active organization?

Knowing your active organization is important because all management tasks, such as managing user access or service access, are performed within your currently active organization. Your active organization is the one displayed under your user name on the menu bar when you sign in to VMware Cloud Partner Navigator. A provider organization is marked with the organization () icon.

How do I access a customer organization?

If there is least one customer organization managed by your provider organization, you can switch from your provider organization to a customer organization at any time. To do so, click your user name and select the organization from the Change Organization drop-down menu. Customer organizations appear underneath the provider organization that manages them.

You can also switch to customer organizations from the Customer Management menu. To do so, click the name of a customer organization or click the vertical ellipsis icon (Vertical ellipsis icon) and click Manage Services.

How do I set my default organization?

Your default organization is the one that you access immediately after logging in to VMware Cloud Partner Navigator. If you have not made changes, your default organization is your provider organization. However, you can set your default organization to any other organization. To do so, click your user name and select a different organization from the Set Default Organization drop-down menu.

What is an organization ID?

Each organization has a unique ID. You might need this ID when interacting with the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator APIs. You can view the ID of your active organization by clicking your user name. A shortened version of the ID is displayed under the organization name. To display the full organization ID, click the ID.

Alternatively, you can click your user name and click View Organization to get to the details page of your active organization. You can see both IDs under Organization ID. Click the copy-to-clipboard (copy-to-clipboard icon) icon to copy an ID to your clipboard.