You can view and download the usage reports of cloud services on managed service provider (MSP) contracts in your provider organization and all customer organizations managed by you in a specified calendar period.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator gives you access to a record of the consumed cloud services by customer organizations in your provider organization. The usage report collects services usage data from current and previous months.

Monthly usage of previous months generates on the fifth day of the next month, and current monthly usage is available from the first day of every month.

Note: At this time, current monthly usage is displayed only for VMware Cloud on AWS host, Elastic vSAN, and EBS usage.
Note: There might be a discrepancy in the month in which certain usage is displayed in VMware Cloud Partner Navigator and the month in which the same usage is charged in a monthly billing order (MBO) in VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal. The reason is that MBOs in VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal might include usage in arrears and non-host usage of the previous 90 days which reached the billing system with a delay. While VMware Cloud Partner Navigator populates missing usage of the past 90 days on the month it actually occurred, VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal charges the same usage on the next possible MBO. For all billing purposes, refer to the data in VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal.


You have the required permissions for viewing the usage of your provider or customer organizations. See Roles and permissions.


  1. On the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator toolbar, click Usage & Commerce > MSP > Usage.
  2. Click Switch to Calendar Period.
    The table displays the usage accrued by your provider organization in the current calendar month.
  3. From the drop-down menus, select an organization and a custom time period and click View.


The usage report of the selected organization and calendar period appears in the report table.

Table 1. Usage Report Details
Report Column Description
Service Name of the service.
Product Family Product Family identifier.
SKU Name Unique identifier for each SKU. Different for every service and data center.
Customer Segment Indicates the customer segment of the service.
Data Center Identifier for the region where a service or host is used or deployed.
Cross-Ref-SKU Cross-reference identifier.
Description Description of the service.
Price Billed price.
Usage Total usage.
Effective Usage Billed usage.

What to do next

  • You can filter the report table using the filter buttons inside the table's column headers.
  • To download the usage of the selected organization and time period as a CSV file, click Download.
  • To download the usage of all organizations for the selected time period as a CSV file, click Download All.
  • View your billing period service usage.