You can compare the monthly usage reports of any vCloud Usage Meter instance and get information about the changes in usage.

You can only compare two monthly usage reports per instance at a time. You can choose any monthly usage report from May 2020 until the most recent report.

When comparing the monthly usage of VMware vCloud SP Core Bundle, you can view additional comparison metrics:
  • Average daily count of virtual machines
  • Total number of unique virtual machines
  • Memory allocation
  • Memory reservation
  • Time powered on


You have the required permissions for viewing the usage of your provider organization. See Roles and permissions.


  1. On the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator toolbar, click Usage & Commerce > Rental Usage Comparison.
  2. To select the first month to compare, click Select Month 1 and click a month in the drop-down menu.
  3. To select the second month to compare, click Select Month 2 and click a month in the drop-down menu.
  4. From the Usage Meter drop-down menu, select the vCloud Usage Meter instance for the monthly usage report comparison.
  5. Click Compare.


The table displays the monthly usage report data comparison for the selected months and vCloud Usage Meter instance. The data is broken down per product.

What to do next

  • To sort the table in ascending or descending order, click any of the column headers.
  • To filter the table to display only certain products, click the filter icon (filter icon) inside the Product column header and enter a string.
  • To view additional comparison metrics for VMware vCloud SP Core Bundle, click View Details.