As a cloud provider, VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is your central point for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure and VMware Cloud services for your customers.

You access VMware Cloud Partner Navigator once you have onboarded your provider organization. In your organization, you get access to all supported VMware Cloud services and cloud infrastructure endpoints for which you have signed a commit contract in VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal.

To start provisioning cloud solutions for your customers, you first create customer organizations for them in VMware Cloud Partner Navigator. Then you onboard customer users to the customer organizations and provision cloud infrastructure and services on a per-customer basis. You are flexible to allocate varying degrees of access to cloud resources and services depending on your customers' needs.

In VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, you also view the billing information and usage of your provider organization and the billing invoices of the customer organizations that you manage.

As a cloud provider, you are the first line of support for your customers. You create support requests on their behalf and work with VMware to resolve any potential issues they might face.