You view information about the balance and consumption of VMware Cloud Universal credits of Partner of Record (PoR) approved customers in the SPP Funds dashboard. You can filter displayed customers and download the data as a CSV file.

The data in the dashboard might be 24 hours behind the actual credits data.


To view the credits data of a specific customer organization, the default payment method in the VMware Cloud Services organization of the customer must be set to VMware Funds. You can check the default payment method of customers in the Customer Management menu, under the Default Payment Method column.


  1. On the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator toolbar, click Dashboard.
    You see the SPP Funds dashboard which contains information about the balance and consumption of VMware Cloud Universal credits of your customers. The data is aggregated for all VMware Cloud Universal products related to an entitlement account.
  2. (Optional) To see a detailed breakdown of the credits data of a specific customer, point to the statistics bar of that customer in the dashboard.
  3. (Optional) To filter displayed customers using one of the pre-defined selections, click one of the filters at the top of the dashboard.
    The dashboard and table update based on your selection.
  4. (Optional) To apply additional filtering to the table, click the filter buttons located inside the table's column headers and type strings in the text boxes.
  5. (Optional) To sort the table in ascending or descending order, click one of the column headers of the table.


You view the VMware Cloud Universal SPP funds credits data of the selected customers.

What to do next

  • To view detailed information about the SPP funds of a specific entitlement account, click an entitlement account name in the SPP Funds table.
  • To download all data of the SPP Funds table as a CSV file, click Export.