As a Partner of Record partner, VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is your main tool for analyzing the VMware Cloud Universal credits, redemption, and host usage data of your customers.

Important: VMware Cloud Provider Hub is deprecated and replaced by VMware Cloud Partner Navigator as the main management platform for Partner of Record partners. All Partner of Record provider organizations are now migrated to VMware Cloud Partner Navigator.

You access VMware Cloud Partner Navigator once you have onboarded your Partner of Record provider organization. Then you have at your disposal all necessary tools to analyze the VMware Cloud Universal resource utilization of customers who have granted their Partner of Record (PoR) approval to you in Partner Connect Portal. Based on your expertise, you can make recommendations to your customers for improving the efficiency of their utilization of VMware Cloud Universal resources.

If you are granted the required access and permissions to a customer VMware Cloud Services organization, you can switch to that organization and manage the configuration of VMware Cloud Universal services. To gain access to a customer organization, you have to contact the customer and ask them to grant you the required permissions in their organization. After you are done making configurations, the customer may decide to revoke your access until further notice.

In VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, you can also view the aggregated usage, support requests, and SDDC maintenance schedule of customers who have granted their PoR approval to you.