VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is a centralized portal for Distributor, Reseller, and Direct Reseller partners to view information and be notified about events related to their VMware Cloud Services subscriptions, transactions, customers, or proformas.

To start using VMware Cloud Partner Navigator as a Distributor, Reseller, or Direct Reseller partner, you have to be officially enrolled as one in Partner Connect Portal. You are also required to have the fulfilled the necessary accreditation to sell VMware Cloud Services offerings.

A more detailed description of the VMware Cloud Services offerings, requirements, and capabilities is beyond the scope of this documentation. To learn more, log in to your partner account in Partner Connect Portal and navigate to the program resources at Sales > Pricing Resources > Subscription Services > Resources.

Once you have met all requirements, you can onboard VMware Cloud Partner Navigator with your organization and start using the platform to:

  • Obtain important information about your VMware Cloud Services subscriptions, transactions, customers, and proformas.
  • Manage the email notifiaction settings for the users in your organization.
Note: At this time, the management of service instances, self-service transactions, and renewals is still done in Subscription Services Portal.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator integrates with Partner Connect Portal to synchronize the data and user access to your organization.