VMware Cloud Partner Navigator | 09 DEC 2020

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

About VMware Cloud Partner Navigator

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is the new unified partner platform designed to simplify the delivery of VMware cloud services. Cloud Partner Navigator is the evolution of Cloud Provider Hub, maintaining the existing functionalities of the service while enabling new capabilities for providers and end customers.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator introduces new capabilities to help you with multi-cloud business expansion, simplified operations, and enhanced customer flexibility.

New features include:

  • VMware Cloud Provider Hub is rebranded to VMware Cloud Partner Navigator.
  • Unified multi-cloud management platform for offering services across provider clouds and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Simplified operations with a single place to access IaaS and SaaS usage and billing.
  • Common customer and provider identities.
  • Provider dashboard for quick status and health of clouds and services.
  • Federation for providers.
  • Two new roles for further granularity - Provider Service Manager and Provider Operations User.

To learn more about VMware Cloud Partner Navigator and its capabilities, see the solution page.

What's New in December 2020

  • VMware Cloud Partner Navigator goes live for all partners as an upgraded version of VMware Cloud Provider Hub.

What's New in November 2020

  • VMware Cloud Partner Navigator launches for a customer preview as an upgraded version of VMware Cloud Provider Hub, offering various new functionalities.

What's New in September 2020

  • Support for Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) for Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners

MSP partners interested in licensing the latest eligible Microsoft software products to provision to their end customers can now do so by accepting a Software Services Reseller addendum while onboarding to Cloud Provider Hub or at a later time. Learn more.

  • Support for AWS Resell for Managed Service Provider partners

AWS Resell is now available for Managed Service Providers in Cloud Provider Hub. AWS Resell for Managed Service Providers allows partners to purchase VMware Cloud on AWS from AWS while transacting VMware XaaS offerings and managing tenant lifecycle in Cloud Provider Hub.

Partners interested in transacting the offering must create a new dedicated AWS Resell provider organization in order to do so.

  • Integration with Partner Connect Portal for Partner of Record partners

Cloud Provider Hub for Partner of Record partners now integrates with Partner Connect Portal to provide a seamless single sign-on and user management experience from Partner Connect Portal. All user management functions are now hosted in Partner Connect Portal and changes are reflected in your provider organization on your subsequent login to Cloud Provider Hub. Learn more.

  • Branding and visual customization

Service Provider partners can now customize the visual appearance of their provider organizations and the tenant organizations that they manage. Learn more.

What's New in May 2020

  • Support for Partner of Record partners

Cloud Provider Hub now supports Partner of Record partners for VMware Cloud on AWS. Partners can view the customer organizations for which they have Partner of Record approval, manage the VMware Cloud on AWS environments, and provide recommendations on optimizing the credits consumption, redemption, and usage of their customers. Using Cloud Provider Hub, Partner of Record partners can also view their estimated incentives for the quarter, the support tickets and maintenance schedules of customer SDDCs, so they can plan their business activities. 

For information about onboarding, see Getting Started with VMware Cloud Provider Hub as a Partner of Record Partner.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Maintenance Schedule

Partners can now view the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC maintenance schedule of their tenants from their provider organization. Learn more.

  • Trial Services and Self-Service Provisioning

Partners interested in trying out vRealize Automation Cloud can now test the services in trial mode. Partners who have existing commit contracts for other services can now access a trial in their provider organization. New partners without a commit contract can request to be onboarded to Cloud Provider Hub to try out the trial services.

If you are interested, please reach out to your VMware field representative.

What's New in March 2020

  • Additional Provider Organizations

Partners now have the capability to create additional provider organizations on demand which use the same set of commit contracts as their current provider organization. If you have a set of tenants you want to separate, or if you're working with another channel partner, Provider Administrator users can now access the 'Administration' tab to create additional provider organizations alongside their main provider organization.

What's New in December 2019

  • Support for monthly billing for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS now supports term subscriptions as a payment method. This feature can be used by partners with active commit contracts for VMware Cloud on AWS.

What's New in August 2019

  • Usage enhancements

VMware Cloud Provider Hub has enhanced the usage features by allowing partners to view the MSRP price for each SKU. Also added is the Download All button which allows to download the usage of all tenants for a selected time period.

What's New in May 2019

  • Federation and enterprise groups

Service Provider partners can now set up federated identity for the corporate domains of tenant organizations managed by them. Using this feature tenants will be able to use their single sign-on service to login to  VMware Cloud Provider Hub and consume provisioned services. Federated tenants can also set up grouped permissions to the organization's resources by assigning organization and service roles to enterprise groups of users.

What's New in January 25 2019

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

VMware Cloud Provider Hub now allows you to set up a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security enhancement. MFA requires you to present two pieces of evidence - your credentials - upon signing in. These credentials can be something you know such as your password, and something you have such as an application that generates a one-time passcode.


VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese 
  • Korean

Known Issues

  • A VMware Cloud Director instance's tile displays the following warning: 'SSO with VMware Cloud Services was not configured for this Cloud Director.'

    When a user with the Provider Operations User or Provider Service Manager role creates a VMware Cloud Director instance, single sign-on (SSO) with the identity provider of VMware Cloud Services is not established and a warning is displayed. This occurs because the configuration requires administrative privileges which only Provider Administrator and Provider Operations Administrator users have.

    To resolve the issue, a user with the Provider Administrator or Provider Operations Administrator role must perform the following actions:

    1. On the tile of the affected VMware Cloud Director instance, click Actions > View Activity Log.
      You are redirected to the VMware Cloud Director service console.
    2. Navigate to the Deployed Instances menu and find the tile of the affected VMware Cloud Director instance.
    3. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Configure VMware Cloud Services as Instance IdP and confirm the action.

    In the Activity Log tab of VMware Cloud Director service, an associated task 'setupCspAsIdp' is kicked off. Once the task is complete, SSO will be supported and the warning in VMware Cloud Partner Navigator will disappear.

  • When a VMware Cloud Director organization is created for a customer from VMware Cloud Partner Navigator it does not appear linked immediately

    When a cloud provider user creates an organization in a VMware Cloud Director instance managed by VMware Cloud Director service and links it with a customer organization in VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, the new organization does not appear linked immediately.

    Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the changes to by synchronized between VMware Cloud Partner Navigator and VMware Cloud Director service.

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