As a Service Provider, you can manage your Sovereign Cloud contracts, end users, and end-user commitments.

What is VMware Sovereign Cloud?

VMware Sovereign Cloud is a solution meant for running sensitive and regulated workloads on a secure, compliant national cloud that meets national data residency and data sovereign requirements. Learn more.

Pre-pay and Custom Sovereign Cloud contracts

You can consume and provision offerings from the Sovereign Cloud solution through two types of commit contracts:


With a Custom contract you can consume Sovereign Cloud resources on a monthly payment model by fulfilling the required minimum commitment set in the contract.

Failing to cover the minimum monthly commitment will result in an underage charge applied to your monthly billing order (MBO), equal to the usage left to cover the minimum commitment.


With a pre-pay contract, you can consume Sovereign Cloud resources by paying upfront and fulfilling a monthly burndown schedule.

End-user commitments

Both contract types allow you to add your customers as end-user entities and set minimum monthly end-user commitments for consumption of Sovereign Cloud resources. You can set multiple commitments per end-user and define the commitment terms. If an end-user fails to meet their minimum commitment on a given month, an underage charge equal to the usage left to cover the minimum monthly commitment will be added to their usage on your monthly billing order (MBO) of that month.

Note: In the event of an early termination of a Sovereign Cloud contract, all outstanding end-user commitments will be aggregated and charged as an underage on that contract's last MBO.

To view an end-user's monthly reporting history against their total commitments:

  1. Navigate to a Sovereign Cloud contract and click End Users.
  2. Click a customer name then click Reporting.

Manual and automatic reporting

The monthly reporting of usage towards Sovereign Cloud contracts can be done both manually and automatically.

You can set up automatic reporting with Usage Meter by linking customer labels set in your Usage Meter instances with the end user entities you create in your Sovereign Cloud contracts in Commerce Portal. The collected usage data is then populated automatically for every end-user in the following MBOs.

For information about setting up customer labels and rules in Usage Meter, refer to this vCloud Usage Meter documentation topic.

Similarly to other contracts, you can still enter data manually or make edits to the automatically reported data.