You submit your pending monthly billing order (MBO) reports from your inbox. For MBOs of MSP, GSS, SRV, or Velo product families, you review the reported usage, provide your purchase order number, and submit the report. For MBOs of Rental product family, you either input the data manually, or given that automatic reporting is enabled, the data is prepopulated from Usage Meter instances in production mode.

If the usage reported by your Usage Meter instances is inaccurate, you can modify it before submission but you have to provide a reason for doing so.

If there is a Usage Meter reporting error, contact your business development manager, if applicable, and modify the usage data accordingly.


Verify that you are logged in with an account that has the Operations role assigned.


  1. Click the inbox button next to your user name, scroll down the drop-down menu, and click View all tasks.
  2. On the left side of the menu, select the MBO report you want to submit.
  3. Enter the purchase order number of the report.
  4. Complete the report or review the reported data.
    1. (Optional) For MBOs of Rental or Sovereign Cloud product families, add or edit usage data.
      Option Description
      To add new data
      1. Click Add Data.
      2. For Sovereign Cloud MBOs, select an end user or select Add data for unknown user and click Continue.
      3. For Rental MBOs, if sites are set up for the contract of the MBO, select a site from the Site drop-down menu.
      4. To add a new data category to the selected user, click Add Data.
      5. Complete the Add Data form and click Ok > Save.
      To edit existing data
      1. Click Edit.
      2. Next to the units you want to edit, click the pencil icon.
      3. Enter the amended units and select a reason for the change from the drop-down menu.
      4. Click Save > Save.
      If you enabled automatic reporting for the contract of the MBO, the usage data from production Usage Meter instances is prepopulated in the report. Review the reported usage and make adjustments if necessary. You can also click Reload to reload the usage data from your Usage Meter instances and overwrite the existing data in your report.
    2. For MBOs of MSP, GSS, SRV, or Velo product families, review the reported usage.
      If you are submitting a Velo or MSP MBO, you can view a breakdown of the report sorted by end user or product in the Usage View tab. To sort by a different category, expand the Group by drop-down menu and select a new one. You can also apply filtering to the usage data by applying a general filter from the Filter by drop-down menu or applying separate filters in the column headers of the tables.
      Viewing the Usage View tab of a Velo contract MBO.

      In the Auto Reported Data tab, you can view a history of all usage data reported automatically by Usage Meter instances.

      The History tab displays the history of actions performed on this MBO by users and the Commerce Portal system.

      Note: If you are reporting an MBO that belongs to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) contract, VMware pre-populates your MBO with the usage accrued for the usage period. You are unable to modify the usage reported against such contracts. If you have any questions about the reported usage, open a support request from the Support menu.
  5. (Optional) In the Comments section, enter a comment for your Aggregator to consider.
    If you are reporting zero usage or you modified the automatically reported usage, inserting a comment is required.
  6. (Optional) To save your inputs without submitting the report, click Save.
  7. To submit the report, click Submit.


The MBO report is submitted successfully and you receive a notification confirming the submission.