As a Cloud Services Provider, you can group your organization's users into work groups to distribute the management of contractual resources based on selected contracts, sites, and end users. Work groups offer the flexibility to define the responsibilities of your users by restricting their visibility and management capabilities of contractual resources.

Every work group can have a set of designated work group items which restrict the visibility and management of contractual resources for all users in a work group. There are two categories of customizable work group items for Cloud Services Providers: contracts/sites and end users. Each work group can have multiple items assigned and access to resources is granted if the conditions of an item are met. Each item can have up to two restrictions set from each category. If an item has two restrictions from each category, then access to resources will be granted only if both conditions are met. Once in a work group, users can only view and manage contractual resources which meet the work group restrictions granted to their work group. Resources include:

  • Contracts in the Contracts menu.

  • Monthly billing orders (MBOs) in the Monthly Reporting menu.

  • Tasks awaiting action in the organization's task inbox.

  • Usage in a monthly report.

    If a workgroup is restricted to only some sites or end users, users in the workgroup can only view and edit the usage of those sites and end users in a monthly report. The usage of sites and end users which are not assigned to the work group cannot be viewed or edited by members of the work group.

Users can only be part of one work group at a time. When the work group feature is initially enabled, the default All workgroup is created. This work group cannot be edited and has no restrictions on the visibility and management of resources.


As an Administrator user, it is recommended that you keep your user account in the All work group since moving it to a work group with restricted resources also restricts your access and work group management capabilities. If you want to test the restrictions of a certain work group,you can preview it instead.